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Rudraksha Siddha and Indra Mala

Rudraksha Siddha and Indra Mala
Manufacturer: DreamZ

Rudraksha Siddha and Indra Mala A very Powerful mala of Nepali Rudraksha beads brought together in one mala and Strung in Silver mala.Configuration of 1 to 14 mukhi rudraksha along with Ganesha and Gauri Shankar Rudraksha.Person wearing this Siddha mala of all rudraksha beads from 1 to 14 mukhi becomes Lord Shiva Incarnate.An Exclusive and very Powerful Mala of Nepali Collector Rudraksha Bead Strung together in one mala for SupremePower and Achievements.For People Who want to achieve Great Success and would like to reach to the top level dreaming to achieve goals oflife. A very powerful mala representating all Planets and Gods and Goddessess.Siddha Mala helps to attain wealth, Prosperity, Good health and attainment of all desires and is considered to be a verypowerful healing mala. Puja of rudraksha must be done by the can be done by the wearer himself or can be energized by the Gurus, pandits or priests at the temple.

Following procedure Should be followed to energize and get the blessings of Rudraksha beads.(1) Choose an auspicious day and time of wearing may be Monday or any specified day.(2) Arrange all items of blessings after having a bath in the morning with pure mind and soul.(3) Sit Facing the temple and your Isht dev as on facing north east or east. (4) Use Panchaamrit which is a mix of unboiled milk, honey, curd, Sugar and Ghee. (5) 9 leaves of peepal tree in a plate (6) Plates for offering in a puja(7) Dhoop, Diya, Incense sticks (Agarbatti), Sandal paste, Aromatic oil, Ricegrains and Ashtagandha. (8) Offering Flower, fruit, Coconut. (9) After all this offerings wash rudraksha with Ganga Jal (water) Place the Rudraksha Siddha Mala in front of Your Isht dev and Lord Shiva with 9 leaves of Peepal tree and Chant “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” and then Chant the Mantras as above.

Beads (mukhi)     quantity   Mantra
1 Mukhi 1


2 Mukhi 1


3 Mukhi 1


4 Mukhi 1


5 Mukhi 1

"Om Hum Namah"

6 Mukhi 1

'OM Hum Namah"

7 Mukhi 1

" Om Hum Namah"

8 Mukhi 1

"Om Sah Hum Namah"

9 Mukhi 1

"OM Hum Namah"

10 Mukhi 1

"Om Hreem Namah"

11 Mukhi 1

"Om Sreem Namah"

12 Mukhi 1

" Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namah"

13 Mukhi 1

"Om Ksham Chaun Namah"

14 Mukhi 1

"Om Namo Namah"

Ganesha rudraksha


"Om Gan Ganpataye Namah"



"Om Gaurishankraya Namah"

Rudraksha Siddha and Indra Mala
Rudraksha Siddha and Indra Mala
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$1,864.80 (CAD)
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Mala (6)
Indra (1)

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